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Children in Burma
Burma Issues is a non-profit organisation, made up of young ethnic people from Eastern Burma who now dedicate their lives to educating and empowering the grassroots communities in Eastern Burma, documenting human rights abuses and acting as a bridge between the grassroots communities and the international community.

The Work of Burma Issues includes

Grassroots empowerment: educating and empowering communities in Burma's civil war zones. Providing education to both adults and children in concepts of civil participation, leadership, critical thinking, and cultural pride

Information for action: documenting the human rights abuses through interviews, videos and photography

Campaigns for peace: raising awareness amongst the international community about the situation

A Karen boy who lives on the banks of the Salween River


Burma Issues latest video


Flowers From Burma

This video looks at the situation of Karenni farmers along the Shan/Karenni border who have been forced to turn to the illicit growing of opium for survival, and at the role that high-level corruption and collusion by officials plays in perpetuating the drug trade.



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